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Careers Information, Advice and Guidance at Twyford:

Twyford C of E High School is committed to preparing students for future success in education, employment and training. Our comprehensive Careers programme uses the Gatsby Benchmarks to develop and improve our Careers provision and enable a range of education and training providers to regularly engage with all students across Year 7-13. Within our Careers programme, all students receive unbiased information about potential next steps and high quality careers guidance. We aim to provide high quality, meaningful opportunities for students to encounter the world of work and engage positively with their future life choices. Our outlook and vision for Careers supports our whole school ethos (John 10:10) of nurturing students unique gifts and talents and ensuring students enjoy ‘life in all its fullness’.

Careers Leadership at Twyford:

The Careers Leader at Twyford is Miss Louise Adams, Head of Wider Learning & Careers. As a school, all staff including Teachers, Tutors, Heads of Year, Heads of Department and Senior Leadership Team are committed to supporting the Careers programme.

The contact details for Careers & Work Experience:

Both our school website and COPIA contain regular updates about our Careers programme including events and opportunities.

Careers learning outcomes for Twyford students:

We have identified the key Careers development learning outcomes for students in each year group. Students will reflect on their progress with these outcomes after each Quarterly Assessment using their self-reflection record booklets.


Learning Outcome


To begin to think about the types of Careers that I might be interested in based on the subjects I enjoy and the things I am good at.


To make decision about the subjects I will choose for my electives that would be best suited to the Careers that I am interested in pursuing in the future.


To research future pathways and fully engage in acquiring the additional skills and experience I need to prepare me for my future pathways.


To be able to write a CV which demonstrates my employability skills and use this to secure a meaningful and valuable Work Experience placement.


To research and understand the different options available to me at Post 16 and have a clear Plan A and B in place for my Post 16 pathway.


To be able to refine and update my CV and use this to secure a Work Experience placement in the field I am interested in pursuing at Post 18.


To research and understand the different options available to me at Post 18 and have a clear Plan A and B in place for my post 18 pathway.

Please do look out for the half termly Careers IAG bulletins which contain updates and opportunities for students across all year groups. Miss Adams will also send emails directly to students via their school email address.

Please do get in touch if you have any future questions about Careers Information, Advice and Guidance at Twyford High School.

Miss L Adams

(Head of Wider Learning & Careers)

Twyford CofE Academies Trust Policies:

To view the Twyford CofE Academies Trust full careers policy please refer to the Wider Learning and Information, Advice and Guidance Policy.

The Twyford CofE Academies Trust Provider Access Policy sets out circumstances in which providers of technical education and apprenticeships will be given access to Year 8-13 pupils.

Both Policies can be viewed here.

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Work Experience for Year 10 Pupils

Year 10 Work Experience Clinics are currently running in the LRC every Friday during lunchtime for pupils who require assistance with contacts and placements, as well as assistance with their CVs and cover letters.

Application forms must be completed by your placement main contact. If the company or programme you are applying to requires consent for under 16+ pupils, a waiver form must be completed.

Queries can be directed to


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