Induction (Year 6 into 7)

We are delighted to welcome your family to the Twyford Church of England High School community. All inductions are facilitated by our Admissions Department who can be contacted at

Please read through each section of this page carefully for all key information relevant to your child's induction to Twyford.

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Key Dates

  • Monday 10th June 2019: Closing deadline for language preference choices
  • Friday 14th June 2019: Closing deadline for confirmation of attendance to induction itinerary
  • Monday 17th June 2019: Closing deadline for Specialist Music College music profile (all parents & carers)
  • Week commencing Monday 17th June 2019: ParentPay login details to be sent to parents & carers
  • Wednesday 26th June 2019: Closing deadline for submission of the Emergency Contact & Welfare Profile
  • Thursday 27th June 2019: Welcome Evening
  • Friday 28th June 2019: Common Induction Day
  • Monday 1st July 2019: CATs & SEN Testing
  • Monday 1st - Tuesday 2nd July 2019: Transition Meetings
  • Tuesday 3rd September 2019: First day of school
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Emergency Contact & Welfare Profile

To register your child for enrolment onto the School Information Managements System (SIMS), we require the following details: basic pupil information, sibling (if applicable), parental consent, family home/contact, ethnic/cultural, medical and current school. The profile provides guidance notes and a review of our data protection notice prior to beginning the profile, which you can also find here:

Privacy Notice - Data Protection Act 1998 & General Data Protection Regulation

Guidance Notes for the Emergency Contact & Welfare Profile

To complete the profile you will need the following information to hand:

  • Photocopy of the pupil's passport and birth certificate (PDF or JPEG format)
  • Current/previous school's address and contact information
  • GP or allergy specialist clinic address and contact information

And if applicable:

  • Medical prescriptions (including valid expiry dates)
  • Electronic copy of any EHC plan and/or SEN recent, relevant professional reports concerning your child, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, educational psychology, specialist teacher, CAHMS, etc. (PDF or JPEG format)

The Emergency Contact & Welfare Profile must be completed by Year 6 into 7 parents and carers prior to the start of the induction itinerary on Thursday 27th June 2019:

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Language Preference

In Year 7 students will study either French or Spanish as their first modern foreign language. Students who show a particular aptitude for their first language at the end of Year 7 will then be able to take German as a second language in Year 8.

Please complete this survey to confirm your child's language preference choice for Year 7 in September 2019: by Monday 10th June 2019.

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Welcome Evening

Thursday 27th June 2019 from 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM (Uniform Suppliers at 6:00 PM)

Families should arrive no later than 6:40pm. When you arrive please make your way to the school Café (student guides will be there to direct you) where you will be able to pick up your information pack. You will then be directed to the school chapel where your child will spend the first part of the evening with their new year group. Parents will then be taken to the Performance Centre. N.B. Due to space restrictions in the Performance Centre we cannot allow more than two seats per family (in addition to your child). If your child is away on a school residential trip, please come along without them, as it is essential that a parent attends.

School uniform suppliers will be in attendance from 6:00pm onwards in the school Café to display the different items of uniform and the PTFA will be organising a second hand uniform stall. Please make sure you come early enough to allow time to speak to them if you are interested in discussing/purchasing uniform on the night.

At this meeting you will receive a welcome pack giving you information about the school, including uniform requirements, which will help to ensure that your child has a successful start at Twyford Church of England High School. In addition to talks about the Curriculum and the Pastoral System from the Senior Leadership Team and Head of Year, you will hear from the Parent, Teacher and Friends’ Association.


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Induction Day

Friday 28th June 2019 from 8:15 AM to 3:20 PM

The new Year 7 students spend the day at Twyford to familiarise themselves with the school, enjoy “taster” lessons and meet with their tutor group. Your child should report to the Café no later than 8:15am and will be dismissed from school at 3:20pm from the gates on Twyford Crescent.

For each of the induction days students should wear what they would normally wear to Primary School and will need to bring something with which to write and some money for lunch. The school operates a Café system and £1.50 should cover the cost of refreshments at break and £3 for lunchtime. Alternatively, students may bring a packed lunch.

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Cognitive Ability Testing

Monday 1st July 2019 from 8:15 AM to 12:20 PM

We ask that you please arrive promptly at 8:15am at the school Café.

Students should arrive at 8:15am and make their way to the Café where they will be met by the Year 7 pastoral team. The rest of the morning will be taken up with SEN testing and Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs). CATs tests fall into four categories; Verbal, Non-verbal, Spatial and Quantitative. Students cannot and do not need to revise for them.

Students will be given regular breaks so although the tests do not take all day, students will need to bring a packed lunch, as they will be in school until 1:00pm. They will be dismissed from the gates on Twyford Crescent.

As this day finishes earlier than a normal school day (12.20pm) if your child will be travelling home on their own they will require a written note from you. We will not be able to accommodate children on Twyford site between the CATS testing and afternoon interviews.

If your interview is on Monday afternoon please make arrangements to meet your child off the school site and then return to Twyford at the time of your interview.

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Transition Meetings

Monday 1st July and Tuesday 2nd July 2019

The times of your interviews are shown below, please make every effort to attend with your child if possible, at the time indicated by the beginning of your child's surname. More details will be enclosed in the information pack which will be distributed at the Welcome Evening on Thursday 27th June 2019.

Monday 1st July 2019

Tuesday 2nd July 2019







K – Mi




Mo – O




P – R


D – E


S – T


F – Ha


U – Z


Hi – J


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Confirmation of Attendance

We do hope that your child will be able to attend each of the induction events: the Welcome Evening, Induction Day, CATs/SEN Testing and Transition Meetings, as we believe these introductory days will help them gain confidence and ease any anxieties they may have about transferring to secondary school.

Please confirm your child’s attendance to the induction itinerary here: by Friday 14th June 2019.

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Music College

Music Profile

In order to assist your child with their musical life at Twyford, we kindly request that all parents and carers complete this short survey about your child's musical experiences. It should only take a few minutes regarding the instruments your child already plays and what instruments and music groups your child will be interested in studying at Twyford.

Survey: (Will be available 13th June)

Instrumental & Vocal Tuition

Twyford offers a wide range of instrumental lessons to our students taught by experienced tutors in each instrument. If you would like further information or would like to apply for a tuition space, please read and complete the application form here:

Instrumental & Vocal Tuition Application Form 2018/19 (Will be available 13th June)

Forms can be submitted before or during the Transition Meetings. We look forward to welcoming you to the vibrant musical community at Twyford. Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact

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Information regarding the uniform expectations and where you can purchase key items will be available in the Welcome Evening pack on Thursday 27th June. Please note that if you already have a child in the school the uniform expectations for Year 7 may be slightly different to Years 10 – 11. As mentioned above, uniform suppliers and a second hand stall managed by our PTFA will also be available on the Year 7 Welcome Evening on Thursday 27th June 2019 should you wish to purchase items them.

  • PMG Schoolwear will be hosting a Twyford fitting day on Sunday 28th July 2019 10:00am to 4:00pm. Fittings are arranged by appointments, parents can email PMG directly to book appointments here: or alternatively they can make the appointments in person at the start of the Welcome evening. PMG also have fitting days on the 7 th, 14th and 21 st of July so if you cannot make the 28th you are welcome to visit on one of the other Sundays with one of the other schools.

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Learning Kit

Each student is expected to bring a learning kit to school every day. The list of items that should be in this kit are included in the Welcome Evening pack and can be collected at the Transition Meetings, following advanced payments made through ParentPay. More information regarding purchasing, the use of ParentPay and login details will be sent to parents and carers in the week commencing Monday 17th June 2019.

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Welfare Notice

Regardless of the severity of your child’s condition or medical needs, we require your child’s medicine on-site on the first day of school on Tuesday 3rd September 2019. All medicine must be clearly marked with the chemical labeling of the prescription including a valid expiry date. If your child suffers from asthma, we require an inhaler on-site as well as a spacer (even if your child does not usually use one). I should like to mention that we are unable to provide your child with common pain medication (i.e. Paracetamol and/or Nurofen) – the School is only able to supervise the administering of prescribed medication from your child’s GP.

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Additional Needs

If your son/daughter has any additional needs, please advise us of this before your Transition Meeting so we can be as prepared as possible to meet their needs before their start date. Please ensure that you bring to the interview a photocopy of any recent, relevant professional reports concerning your son/daughter, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, educational psychology, specialist teacher, CAHMS etc. to be discussed with the leadership team.

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At the Welcome Evening on Thursday 27th June 2019, you will receive the following resources:


Although parents & carers receive a PDF copy of the school calendar towards the end the academic year, we strongly encourage parents & carers to access and review the school's electronic calendar on Copia, which will reflect the most up-to-date amendments throughout the year.

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Key Contacts

School Office & Reception - to report school absences and for all general queries

Data Team - / to report change in personal/contact details, residential address or updates regarding health and welfare

Student Services - for information on ParentPay setup, user/login data, instructions regarding usage and school locker rentals

Music College - for information on current and future instrumentation tuition availability

Copia - for queries regarding navigating and using our e-Learning site

Learning & Inclusion Department - for queries regarding pupils who require additional support

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