GCSE Results Day 2017

Twyford students celebrated exceptional results in Maths and English where for the first time this year students were able to achieve the prestigious grade 9 for English and Maths. With both English and Maths achieving 88% of students gaining a 4 and above, these results in the new harder syllabuses place Twyford in the top 5% of schools.

Maths and English also boasted an identical achievement 14 students gaining a grade 9 (the new ‘super-A*’ grade) with 35 students (19%) gaining at least one grade 9.

Grades in other subjects were also strong – exceptionally so in Science where the result of 91% A*-C in Additional Science topped the school’s previous personal best - which had placed it within the top 2% of schools nationally. 14% of the year group achieved the equivalent of 9A/A* or above and 44% 3A/A* and above.

Top scoring girl within the school was Joanna Reid who achieved a stunning triple 9 as well as 7A*s with Sipan Petrosyan the highest scoring boy with 9/8/8 & 7A*s

Associate Headteacher, Karen Barrie said ‘Twyford is hugely proud that 8% of the exam cohort achieved this new top of the top grade which compares very favourably with the national figures of 2%/3% in English and Maths’.

Executive Headteacher, Dame Alice Hudson commented ‘I am delighted with the outcomes of all students who have worked so very hard to meet the demands of these new courses. I am also pleased that the school has used this opportunity to help students recognise their gifts and target pathways post-16 that will give them the best possible future aspirations’.

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