Kew Gardens Trip

Recently in Science, some Year 7 classes have been studying Ecology and Adaptions. To make things livelier, we went on a school trip to Kew Gardens to get a physical experience of learning.

Luckily it was a very nice day. We left school at about 11:15 (just after break) and got there without any problems. Once we were there we were handed a booklet to fill out during our time there, we split into our respective groups and went to our selected areas.

My group’s first stop was ‘The Princess of Wales’ conservatory. There we saw a variety of Wet tropics, Dry tropics and Carnivorous tropics. In the Wet tropics, we identified the adaptations of the Sacred Lotus and the Peperomia Magnolifolia. In the Dry tropics we found the Cactus plants and the Aloe Vera. Finally, in the Carnivorous Plants section there were Sundews, or Drosera Binata.

Then we all stopped for lunch under a nice tree that gave us some shade from the sunny weather.

After lunch, we proceeded into the ‘Lily House’ which was very humid inside. In there, was a selection of wonderful lilies. The lily pads were huge and the flowers were beautiful.

Next we arrived at the Palm House, which was also very humid! In there, we discussed the daily uses of plants for jobs such as builders, farmers, chefs and doctors. Builders might need the ‘Hevea brasiliensis’ (plant from which rubber comes from); doctors might need the ‘Madagascar Periwinkle’ that helped make a cure for cancer; chefs might need any food-producing plants (e.g. sugar canes, mango, cocoa etc.…) and lastly the farmers might need plants to make food and other resources.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to sample holly leaves to see if the lower leaves really do have more spikes than the higher ones, or see the Spanish cork trees. However, just before the day ended… we went on this amazing 18 metre-high treetop canopy. This was a really fun and adventurous way to end the day as you could see the nice view of nature and your surroundings from such a height. The only tiring bit was the 118 steps that we had to climb to get onto the walkway.

Finally we went back to school. Everyone was worn out but had a really good time!!!

By Arpita More -7F

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