Twyford's success at GCSE 2018

Twyford is celebrating results that are a step up from its previous personal best and continue to place it within the top 5% of schools in the country despite the more challenging GCSE syllabuses and formal exams.

46% of the grades awarded were a 7 or above (equivalent to grade A/ A* in previous years) This is a huge increase on last year’s 31% A*A despite students taking the new challenging exams in all courses. One third of all students in the core subjects of English Maths and Science achieved 7+.Top performing subjects were Maths, Biology, chemistry, Physics, History, German and Spanish where over 50% achieved grade 7+ in each course.A particular stand out was the 20% of students (29 in all) who achieved a grade 9 in maths (compared to a national expectation of approximately 4%) .

75%of students gained both English and Maths at grade 5& above (a high C in the previous system) and 59% of students achieved the challenging EBAC award at grade 5 of above compared to last year’s national figure of 24%

One third of students at the school achieved at least oneof the coveted top grades of 9(equivalent to A* Plus) with 12% grade 9s being awarded overall compared to a national expectation of 3%.

Executive Headteacher Dame Alice Hudson commented ‘ It is very impressive indeed that the school has continued toimprove its outcomes on previous yearsdespite the significant change in the level of difficulty in the new system.’

14 Top scoring students achieved 5 or more grade 9s and the top performers at the school were 3 students achieved grade 9s in all 10 of their subjects

Headteacher Ms Karen Barrie said I am delighted that such high numbers of students have achieved the very top grades and are therefore well positioned for academic pathways at A-level and beyond. We are also particularly proud that such a high percentage of students took advantage of the support offered by the school & gained the new 5 or ‘upper-C’ grade. They will have the pick of the very best level 3 creative & applied courses as a result. This has been a 5-year project of curriculum change and I am grateful to all staff for the work, which it has taken to achieve these outcomes for our students’

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