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In Year 7, students study either French or Spanish with able linguists (half of the year group) also studying Latin. In Year 8, more able linguists are offered German as a second modern foreign language. There is a large emphasis on the use of target language in all lessons and students are encouraged to speak in the target language as much as possible. A detailed programme of lessons and assessments has been put into place and parents will be able to access it via the VLE. Students are assessed every six weeks so that they are fully informed of their progression.

Students start their GCSE course in their chosen language(s) at the start of Year 9 (French, Spanish, German and Latin). This is to prepare students to obtain the best possible results at GCSE. The vast majority of students opt for at least one language at GCSE, as languages are seen by universities as a facilitating subject, whatever subject students aim to study.

There are three languages on offer at A Level: French, Spanish and German.

Exchanges & Visits

In order to develop their exposure to language, students are encouraged to take part in visits and exchanges at each key stage. In Years 7 – 10, students have the opportunity to take part in numerous trips and visits including:

  • Trip to Normandy: during activities week in Year 8
  • Theatre and cinema trips: all students will have the opportunity to view a foreign-language production or film at a venue in London

Trip to Barcelona: during activities week in Year 8

Trip to Berlin: joint German and History trip for Year 10 students

Trip to Verulamium: for Year 7 Latin students in July

3 Exchanges: Students take part in an exchange with Collège et Lycée Sainte Marie in Lyon in France in Year 10, Instituto Alfonso X in Toledo, Spain in Year 10 and Gesamtschule Haardt in Germany in Year 9.

Trips to universities: students in Year 9 and 10 will have the opportunity to visit MFL departments at top universities

In the Sixth form:

  • The Immersion/Erasmus Programme: Following the footsteps of the well-established Erasmus University programme, where students spend part of their university year abroad, the immersion programme aims students to spend between one to three weeks in one of our partner schools abroad.
  • The Comenius Programme: This very impressive programme takes French, German and British students to the European Parliament in Brussels where they debate European current affairs such a nuclear energy, immigration and unemployment in the target language they are learning.


There are also plenty of opportunities within the department for students to explore their love of languages in the form of lunchtime and after-school clubs. These include film clubs, Japanese Anime club, Grammar clinic, spelling bees, language survival courses, booster sessions and much more.

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