Languages opportunities at Twyford

With four languages (French, German, Latin and Spanish) on offer in the curriculum to A level and two more outside the curriculum, and a full portfolio of extra-curricular visits, including a cross-curricular visit to Mozambique, four exchanges and fourteen members of staff, the Languages Department of Twyford is cutting edge in its teaching and learning approach and outstanding in its provision.

The department has evolved significantly since it became a Language College in Setember 2009. Exchanges to Lyon, Toledo, Mönchengladbach and Kunming in the Yunnan province of China, give pupils many opportunities to develop their language skills, their confidence and to discover about the culture of the country they are studying. Pupils are encouraged to take part in at least one visit or exchange each year as not all learning in languages can happen within the boundaries of the classroom. Participating in an exchange or a visit constitutes an essential part of their learning. Learning a language without travelling and experiencing the country is like learning the piano without the instrument.

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Languages opportunities in the curriculum:

Our Language provision is second to none


  • All students study French. They have 6 lessons of French per fortnight. These are taught as mixed ability classes with their forms. They are set early in the year according to their ability.
  • All pupils study Latin, 2 lessons a fortnight.
  • At the end of Year 7 a test determine whether they will become single or tri-linguists in Year 8.


  • There are two routes: single or tri-linguists.
  • Single linguists study 6 periods of French a fortnight.
  • Tri-linguists (4 classes) follow 2 periods of French plus 2 of Spanish/German and 2 of Latin


  • There are two routes: single or tri-linguists route.
  • Pupils study 9 periods of dual languages (French/ German or Spanish/ Latin -1 period).
  • Single linguists follow 6 periods of French.
  • All pupils in Year 9 Start the GCSE course in French at the beginning of the year and in their second language after Christmas and follow the new AQA Specification.
  • By the end of the year, pupils will have completed two of their four coursework in each language and have obtained 30% of their final GCSE grade.
  • Towards the end of Year 9, those students learning 3 languages have the option of continuing with both languages and Latin in Key Stage 4 or to become single linguists and opt for one language only.

YEARS 10 & 11

  • Key Stage 4 students follow the AQA Specification started in Year 9. Students carry out written and oral assessment tasks as part of the GCSE.
  • There are also exams in listening and reading at the end of Year 11. French, German, Latin and Spanish are offered.
  • Pupils who are able to speak and study another language at home are encouraged to take their GCSE in this language.


  • The Department uses the AQA syllabus.
  • All students in Year 12 are entered for Units 1 and 2, the AS level.
  • Those students who are successful in these modules go on to take the full Units 3 and 4 in Year 13.
  • French, German and Spanish are offered.

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