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‘Whoever creates beauty by playing an instrument and generating musical harmony begins to understand from within what essential harmony is... human harmony’ - José Antonio Abreu, founder of El Sistema

Our History

Twyford CE High School became a Specialist Music College in 2005 and, since then, has established a local and national reputation for high quality music. In 2009, the Twyford Gospel Choir were crowned winners of BBC Songs of Praise Senior Choir of the Year Competition. In 2010, the school was recognised for its services to music education at the Education Business Awards. In 2011, Twyford was invited to become a Lead Associate in the newly-formed Ealing Music Hub and has twice hosted the Ealing Youth Music Prom which featured over 700 students from 35 different schools in 2013. Since 2012, Twyford has been the Ealing centre for the Music for Youth Regional Festival Series and, in September 2013, began an ieyp 1nnovative music curriculum at its sister school based on the celebrated Venezuelan El Sistema model and drawing on an exclusive partnership with Trinity Music College, London.

Ensembles and Performances

Students have access to over twenty-five musical ensembles each week, including three choirs; Jazz and Classical orchestras; a Concert Band and countless small groups and chamber ensembles ranging from Music Tech through to the Clarinet Choir and String Quartets. The school enjoys a busy and varied performance programme, including themusic annual Christmas and Spring Concerts; the Acoustic Café series; PMC, House and Classical Music Competitions as well as invitations to perform in such prestigious venues as St Paul’s Cathedral, the Royal Albert Hall, Southwark Cathedral and the Royal Festival Hall, as well as more local events and venues such as St. Mary's Church Ealing, Ealing Abbey, and the Ealing Music and Film Festival. In recent years, musical ensembles have also performed for the BBC World Service, BBC Songs of Praise, Boris Johnson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and with celebrated musicians such as Kathryn Jenkins, the All Souls Orchestra, the English Chamber Orchestra and Tomorrow’s Warriors. Live student performances are a feature of assemblies each morning and every student is expected to sing as part of Collective Worship.

Tuition and Facilities

Music is central to the school ethos and we believe that every child can perform. Over 450 students receive individual or small group instrumental and vocal tuition through the Music College’s peripatetic tuition programme and large numbers enrol onto our academic and vocational curriculum programmes at Key Stage Four and Five each year. As such, our music programmes are designed to nurture your child’s talent whether it is in the field of music production, composition or performance in a Pop, Jazz, World Music or Classical field. Our curriculum is designed to be broad, deep, and varied. Your child has the opportunity to sit exams in BTEC, GCSE, A-Level, ABRSM, Rockschool, Trinity, and LCM. All students are supported, stretched and challenged to achieve their best irrespective of their starting point. The school offers outstanding facilities through its two Music Technology Suites; the Performance Centre; Radio Station; Specialist teaching room and Suite of Practice Rooms. Ten specialist music places are offered per year for students identified as having a natural aptitude for music.

Through our dedicated staff, resources and music programmes, we can guarantee that, whatever your child’s aspirations, they will be able to have life and have it to the full.

Mrs F McGonigal
Director of Music College

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Instrumental Tuition

Twyford offer a wide range of instrumental lessons to our students, taught by experienced tutors in each instrument. If you would like further information or would like to apply for a tuition space, please read and complete the application form here.

For incoming Year 6 into 7 students, joining us in September 2017 who are interested in learning instruments at Twyford, please download the tuition form here:

Year 6 into 7 Instrumental & Vocal Tuition Sheet, Entry 2017/18

For incoming Year 12 students, joining us in September 2017 who are interested in learning instruments at Twyford, please download the instrumental tuition form here:

Twyford Sixth Form Instrumental & Vocal Tuition Sheet, Entry 2017/18

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Extra-Curricular Music

As a Music College, we encourage all our students to engage in our extra-curricular activities. This includes singing in choirs, playing in jazz bands, or joining the school orchestras. All our clubs are free to join!

Click here to see a fantastic video of theTwyford Gospel Choir on Songs of Praise School Choir of the Year in 2009.

Autumn Term 2017 Music Extra-Curricular Timetable HERE

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Ealing Music Service

We are very pleased to be the Associate Lead for the Ealing Music Partnership and are keen to share some of their work with you. Please visit their website for more information about the ensembles and events currently running within Ealing Music Service.

Please see link to view the latest EMS Pulse Newsletters.

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Music Events

Each year, the Music College hold a variety of events and performances such as the Christmas Concert, Popular Music Competition, Junior Popular Music Competition, Classical Music Competition, An Evening of Summer Music, Twyford Voices and much more.

"Thank you so much for fanning the flame of musicality in the school, for including as many children as possible and for inviting us to share in the joy of it" - Parent of Year 7 Twyford Voices Performer

See the Events Diary for Summer 2018 - HERE

For any upcoming music events, please also visit the school's News and Events page.

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