Salters' Festivals of Chemistry

We started the day in the wrong lecture hall and then went upstairs to a huge science lab. Once we had put on our lab coats and goggles (safety first) we embarked on our first challenge using chromatography to solve a murder mystery. During this task, several test tubes were smashed, but we ended with accurate results. We then had to decipher codes and conduct many test tube experiments. Eventually we ended with our prime suspect.

We ended lunch with a couple of Nobbly Bobbly’s and headed back for our second task. We had to make a reaction occur in no more or less than 60 seconds by changing multiple factors. We were not so confident with our final answer but we stayed positive! Then we had a hilarious demonstration explaining states of matter and different densities. We finished by eating some delicious home-made ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

Finally, to the prize giving hoping to take home the main prize. We were not very confident. However, our efficiency and neatness paid off as we won the largest prize!!

And most importantly…we beat William Perkin!

Written by: Evie Burgess, Mimi Henbrey, Aaryan Pickering Kumar and Johnny Hewson

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