Science Live Talk - Jim Al-Khalili

On Friday 10th March, a small group of 20 Year 10 students were fortunate enough to travel into London to watch lectures on a life in science in fields including astrophysics, evolution, infertility treatments and global warming.

A personal favourite of mine was Professor Jim Al-Khalili’s lecture on whether time travel could be obtainable-and it could be… just not in the same way you would of perhaps hoped. A link to a similar lecture done by Al-Khalili is available below. The British theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster explained the theory to us. He outlined that ‘wormholes’, or two gravitational tunnels created by the entanglement of two black holes, may be used as a form of space travel and therefore time travel. This is due to them connecting two separate parts of space that may be travelling at different speeds, meaning the rate of time from each side of the wormhole will be different in relation to each other. This, however, is a magnet for paradox and makes a lot of scientists in the field question whether it actually breaks the laws of the universe. If you are interested in how this may work, I certainly advise you to take a look at the lecture for yourself.

The physicist, awarded a SERC postdoctoral fellowship at UCL, conveyed Einstein’s brilliant contributions to the field (and the flaws in his brilliant work), the formation of black holes and their significance to us, as well as blowing our minds with concepts that generally people our age are yet to discover. The utterly gripping manner and topic choice of the Professor was undeniably fascinating and we all hope to be offered a chance to go on another lecture day.

Big thanks to Mrs Hunter and Mr Jones for making it all possible!

Madeleine Haenlein 10R

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