Imperial Festival 2017

On Saturday, the 6th of May 2017 the school took a group of years 7 and two year 8 students on a free trip to the Imperial Festival of London in South Kensington. The trip was awesome we collected lots of things such as badges, a frisbee and some leaflets with explanations in them. Imperial Festival has something for all ages to enjoy.

There were workshops and all kind of things such as; modern technology demonstrations and talks. There were also some creative experiments themed around robots, superbugs, health and wellbeing, future and energy. However, this is only a few of the many overwhelming experiments that we could do. Here are a few things me and my friend did whilst we lost ourselves in the world of sciences:

  • Made jelly worms and DNA bracelets in a place named the explore zone
  • Ping pong travel where you had to follow the ball all the way round a circuit
  • How to take a blood sample (my favourite)
  • Microchip examination

There was everything you needed including food stands, music, dancing and police officers everywhere in case you got lost. So, in the end we had a super day, it was an awesome experience. A big thank you to all the teachers that were there and gave up one of their weekend days to take us to this festival. I will want to go back next year.

Nina Hodgson 8F

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