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The majority of Twyford students stay on into the Sixth form, which means we are able to invite applications from external students to join the Sixth form, whose roll is currently over 500.

Twyford has a thriving Sixth form. We offer a wide range of courses, ranging from traditional A Level courses to some more vocational options.

Making decisions about the next stage of your education is both exciting and challenging. Exciting in the sense that you can now focus on the areas of study which will lead to success and enjoyment. Challenging, because you need to make an informed decision, which will open career options for the future.

As a school, we have taken care to ensure a full curriculum offer of A level courses. Thus we can provide a diet of educational experience, which will indeed make learning interesting, inspiring and enjoyable. Some of the subjects will be entirely new to you; others may offer progression from your current GCSEs. All courses provide logical progression routes from GCSE to Sixth Form and beyond.

All students are given individual ‘information advice and guidance’ interviews before entry into the Sixth Form and individualised curriculum packages are offered to students provisionally by February and ultimately according to the grades gained at GCSE. Most students take 3 or 4 courses at Advanced levels in new and familiar subjects. For students who have achieved particularly highly at GCSE and who are likely to be going for highly competitive courses such as medicine or applying to Oxbridge or Russell group universities there is an additional enrichment curriculum designed around the IB model. This includes Critical Thinking as a means of developing their analytical skills and ability to articulate complex ideas, a philosophy course and an extended research project.

Life in the Sixth Form undoubtedly assumes a new dimension. As young adults, with higher education or employment very much on the horizon, you will establish a different relationship with your teachers and the expectations placed upon you will also be very different. Your views and contributions will continue to be highly valued and we will actively seek to enhance your personal skills and qualities through training and experience. You will also have the chance to become more involved in the way the school operates and school improvement initiatives…in short, to be real ambassadors for the school throughout our own and the wider community.

Although the future may appear a little daunting, we sincerely believe that you will thoroughly enjoy yourselves as you become immersed in Sixth Form life.

Being a member of the Sixth Form is about gaining valuable qualifications and taking opportunities to fulfil your potential, both academically and as a person, developing confidence and a sense of responsibility alongside increasing maturity.

Application for a place in the Sixth Form is a positive act. Your choice should be based upon a real desire to benefit from the courses offered and the wealth of wider opportunities. It is important not to make an instinctive decision but to consider all of the options and choices available to you. Do talk to the subject staff. We all want you to choose a combination of courses which is right for you and guarantees your future success. As mentioned above, it is now the case that over 90% of Year 11 students progress into the Sixth Form. We are also oversubscribed with students from other schools who apply to join the school following GCSE. Of the small number of Twyford students who leave at the end of Year 11, some enter appropriate and worthwhile employment, some enter highly specialised vocational courses in other institutions and a few find it advantageous to make a fresh start elsewhere. If you are accepted for a place in the Sixth Form, be assured that we will invest all our support and expertise in your future.

Please visit our Admissions section to access our Sixth form course guide and application details, or download our Sixth Form prospectus by clicking here.

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16-19 Twyford Bursary

For a Sixth Form student entitlement to access funds under the Twyford 16-19 Bursary Scheme is dependent upon meeting the criteria in one of the following groups. Different levels of funding apply to each group and funding is limited. The levels of funding can only be determined once all applications have been made.

Group A - Young people in care, care leavers, young people in receipt of income support and disabled young people in receipt of Employment Support Allowance who are also in receipt of Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment. To apply for a Group A Bursary please provide a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions or your Local Authority dated after 01/08/2018 confirming your status.

Group B - Students eligible and registered with Local Authority to receive free school meals. Your child is eligible for free school meals if you receive income support, income related employment and support allowance, job seekers allowance (income based), child tax credit or pension credit with child tax credit and have an annual income of less than £16,190 (and are not in receipt of working tax credit) or you are assisted by the national asylum support service (NASS).Please note: parents who receive job seekers allowance or employment and support allowance which is contribution based, working tax credit or other benefits are not eligible for free school meals. For a Group B Bursary, you will need to supply the Local Authority letter confirming eligibility for Free School Meals for the academic year 2018/19. For details of eligibility and an application form ask at the school reception or contact the Local Authority where you live. No payments can be made until this letter is received.

Group C - Learners facing financial hardship living in households with annual income below £30,000.

Evidence of income for all adults living in the household who contribute to household costs is required. This may be from benefits, evidence of employment, unearned income and must include:

Income Support or Income-based Employment and Support Allowance – most recent benefit letter from HM Revenue & Customs detailing the amount of benefit received.

Tax credits – Tax Credit Award notification from HM Revenue & Customs for the Tax Year Apr 6th 2017 – Apr 5th 2018 detailing the household income and your Tax Credit entitlement.

Salaries and wages – P60, month 12 or week 53 pay slip; and P9d or P11d if you have received benefits or payments in kind; and P45 if you had more than one employer in the tax year 2017-18.

Self-Employment Income – your SA302 form; or Tax Credit award notification for the correct tax year.

Declaration of unearned income such as shares, investments, interest, rental from property.

All students who believe they are eligible for a Twyford 16-19 Bursary should complete the application form and submit it to the school along with the supporting evidence, including those who may have previously been in receipt of a Twyford Bursary. All completed applications and evidence should be handed to the Sixth Form Administrator by 28th September 2018.

Bursary funding requires students to have their own bank or Post Office account as funds are paid direct to them and will not be paid to a third party. Students will be required to sign the Twyford Student Support contract. Failure to meet the expectations of the contract will result in non-payment. Support will stop should a student cease to be in learning at the school. In such a case any monies paid in advance will need to be repaid or goods purchased returned to the school.

For enquiries relating to the Twyford 16-19 Bursaries please contact Mr Paul Stanton, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, on

16-19 Bursary Statement (PDF)

16-19 Application Form (PDF)

Twyford Bursary Scheme Policy (PDF)

16-19 Bursary Policy (PDF)

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Induction Tasks and Course Guides 2018/19

Twyford Induction Tasks & Course Guide for 2018/19

Year 12 Induction Tasks Booklet

Supplementary Material for 2018/19

Computer Science


French (Supplementary Appendix 1, Supplementary Appendix 2)

German (Supplementary Appendix 1, Supplementary Appendix 2)



Spanish (Supplementary Appendix 1, Supplementary Appendix 2)

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6th Form Community Service

Download the Year 12 Community Service Guide here: Community Service Guide

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