Pastoral System

Student welfare is managed through our Pastoral System. Each student will have a personal Tutor who acts as the first point of contact in issues relating to student well-being. The Tutor will be supported by the Head of Year who will take full responsibility for students in their care. A wide range of agencies will be used to provide support and guidance in a variety of student welfare issues.

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Attendance & Punctuality

Parents and Carers will be expected to comply with all national regulations regarding student attendance and punctuality. Absences must be reported on a daily basis to the school office via email office@twyford.ealing.sch.uk.

If a child is absent from school for a justifiable reason, e.g. illness or medical appointment, their parent/carer must email office@twyford.ealing.sch.uk or ring school on each morning of absence (Option 2). If you know in advance that your child is going to be away, you should email as above or you can bring a letter giving the reason and details for the Head of Year to sign and authorise. All unjustified absences will be investigated. If a child needs to leave school to go to the doctor or dentist, parents and carers must email office@twyford.ealing.sch.uk or a note can be provided in the student planner for the Head of Year to sign and authorise. All students must sign out at reception before leaving the premises. If students are returning to school later on, they must sign back in at reception.

Planned Leave of Absences

Any planned leave of absences must be reported by completing a Leave of Absence Form, which needs to be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the absence. Applications for a leave of absence will be reviewed and authorised by the Senior Deputy Headteacher.

Leave of Absence Form


Students should be in their form room or assembly no later than 8:30am. Students will be marked in ‘late’ if they arrive after 8:30am. If students arrive late for school they must make sure that they are marked present as follows:

  • Between 8:30am and 9:00am go straight to tutor/assembly to be signed in late
  • After 9:00am go to the main reception desk to be signed in late

Punctuality is an important expectation of students and therefore, when students are late they receive two negative conduct points which results in a daily detention at lunch time the next day.

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Welfare Office

There are several First Aiders who are on-call for students who have sustained an injury or require assistance managing their medical conditions, supported by the advice of the Borough School Nursing Team.

Welfare Room:
  • First Aid provision for cuts, grazes, burns and injuries
  • Support and care to students with on-going medical conditions
  • First Aiders are unable to provide or administer pain medication (including paracetamol or nurofen)
Parents/Carers expectations:
  • Must declare all medical conditions and needs on the Emergency Contact & Welfare Profile upon receipt of an offer to the School
  • Must liaise with the School to develop and agree an Individual Healthcare Plan prior to admission
  • Must update the School concerning any changes regarding their child's medical conditions/medication
  • Must provide the School with any necessary in-date medication, in it's original packaging with chemist labelling with dosage instructions and expiry date information, prior to the child's start date
  • Must contact the Welfare Office if their child with food allergies requires an appropriate space to eat during break and lunch time
If pupils feel unwell at school:
  • During a lesson, pupils should speak to their teacher and ask to go to the Welfare Office - the teacher should provide them with an EXEAT card and the student should report to Reception before going to the Welfare Office
  • During break or lunch, pupils should report to Reception before going to the Welfare Office
  • Whilst on a trip, pupils should speak to a teacher, the trip leader, or their group leader - the appointed person may administer emergency first aid if necessary
  • Students who report to the Welfare Room will not automatically be sent home - students will be assessed by the First Aid Administrator on-call in accordance with the 'NHS Make the right decision' guide and will be sent back to class if they are well enough
If pupils feel unwell before school:
  • Students should be kept at home if they are not well enough to attend school - pupils should not be sent to School if they have vomited
  • Students should be kept off school for 48 hours if they are vomiting or suffering diarrhoea
  • Parents must notify the school on each morning of their child's absence (please refer to the Attendance & Punctuality section below

If you need to declare a medical condition to the School or update your child's medication, please complete and email the following forms to Welfare@twyford.ealing.sch.uk:

Medical Questionnaire

Medication Permission Form

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Our first priority is pupil welfare. The procedures we follow have been laid down by the Ealing Area Child Protection Committee.

Families should be aware that Safeguarding (Child Protection) concerns will become the responsibility of one of the following Safeguarding Officers:

  • Mr P Bennett, Designated Child Protection Officer
  • Mr J MacDonald-Brown, Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer
  • Mrs A Kearey, Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs A Roberts, Safeguarding Officer
  • Mrs H Woodham, Safeguarding Officer
  • Ms J Poole, Intervention Manager & Family Worker

Photographs of the designated safeguarding teachers can be found throughout the school.

Safeguarding policies and practices comply with all national requirements and key policies for the Trust here: Key Trust Policies

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Financial Help

Help is available for parents and carers who receive certain benefits. You can get free school meals by registering with your local council. If you have been registered at any point in the last 6 years then you will be eligible for help with the cost of music tuition, trips and other extra curricular activities. Registering also helps the school get more funding. Some councils also provide help with travel costs, music instrument purchase and the cost of school uniforms.

You can find out how to register with local councils in our area here:

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ARC (Additionally Resourced Centre)

The Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC) at Twyford operates for pupils with an Education, Health & Care (EHC) plan in place. This needs to be for either ASD or SpLD and another need.

As inclusion in the mainstream school is part of the package, pupils must be able to be included in the mainstream for 50% of their day. They should be able to access a secondary curriculum and only have mild learning difficulties. As many students have mental health or anxiety needs, children with severely challenging behaviour cannot be accommodated.

Full details can be found in the SEN Report here.

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Learning & Inclusion

The Learning and Inclusion Department offers mentoring, counselling, literacy and numeracy support as well as a range of personalised programmes.

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